Red REISHI, llc., is designed to help people who can benefit by the use of holistic mushrooms within health and beauty products.

For healthy lips, tips, and tootsies (Lips, fingernails, & toenails) our organic lemon lip balm with healing RED REISHI & CHAGA mushrooms is loved by many for its rich, nourishing, hydrating qualities as well as it’s delicious lemon scent. Made with ultra fine, all natural & organic, proven ingredients, this cream will deeply condition lips and nails and soften dry lips and skin. Simply massage the cream into the area you wish to treat & VIOLA! Beautiful healthy lips & skin with the power of RED REISHI & CHAGA!

We are proud to introduce a variety of sprays perfectly sized for traveling or carrying in your pocket. Simply spray in your mouth, with food or without, on an empty stomach, or as recommended by your healthcare advisor. Our Vita cherry organic immune support spray with Red Reishi, Chaga, & Honey can help boost the immune system, offer cardiovascular help, suppresses CANCER progression, ease stress, improve blood sugar, aid liver health, prevent heart disease, sooth BRONCHITIS, Diabetes, Common allergies, kidney disease, fatigue, stomach ulcers, trouble sleeping, lung conditions, and symptoms of HIV/AIDS. Cherries may support brain health because of their high ANTHOCYANIN content. Anthocyanin has been shown to improve cognitive brain function, memory, blood pressure, & reduces inflammation. It may also fight premature aging. The melatonin content in tart cherries can regulate the body’s sleep cycle and help you get a better nights rest. A 2010 study published in the journal of medicinal food found that drinking 8 ounces of cherry juice for two weeks improved the sleeping habits of older adults who suffered from insomnia.

We now offer products blended with 25mg Bludog CBD.Included are our ORGANIC Vita cherry immune support sprays with honey & CBD, with Maitake, cinnamon, honey, & CBD, and CORDYCEPS with lemon, honey, & CBD.

In 1992, the U.S. National CANCER institute, along with the Japanese National Institute of Health, reported that Maitake extract exhibited anti-HIV activity. Maitake’s anti-HIV effect prevents the HIV virus from destroying T cells. Extensive testing of Maitake on CANCER patients has shown a dramatic reduction of tumors and other symptoms. In one study, the side effects of chemotherapy (vomiting, loss of appetite, hair loss) were improved in 90% of the patients using Maitakes.

Research has further confirmed Maitake as an effective remedy for high blood pressure, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol, cardiovascular and liver disorders, candida, constipation, and obesity. In addition, Maitake helps regulate endocrine functions. Current research is focusing on using Maitake to treat Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and hair loss.

Cinnamon has antioxidants, may be anti-inflammatory, reduces bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, combats bacterial infections, fights diabetes, promotes dental health, cures Candida, and freshens breath.

Cordecyps contain water- soluble polysaccharides that work to stimulate the cells of the immune system. Traditionally Cordecyps have been used as a kidney purifier and to treat pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema, and tuberculosis. Recent studies indicate that CORDYCEPS help to protect the kidneys from toxicity, lower high cholesterol levels, treat impotence, inhibit tracheal muscle contractions, and relax the airways. Cornell University researchers found that an extract of CORDYCEPS supported the function of helper T- cells by protecting them against immune-suppressing invaders.

Lemons are very helpful to boost the immune system, ease inflammation, are antibacterial, enhance digestion, thwarts OTIs, & freshens breath.

BLUDOG CBD is a unique synergistic blend of ingredients designed to help support diminishing the normal aches & pains associated with aging process. By combining water soluble PCR (Phyto- Cannabinoid Rich) hemp oil extract with Berberine, Resvertrol, Hyaluronic Acid And vitamin D3 we are able to address multiple receptor systems in the body, resulting in unique support for joint health as well as the body’s normal inflammatory processes.

If your using a regular toothpaste.Please, break up with it. And, read the label to the toothpaste compared to toothpowder.

One reason to break up with toothpaste is the FLUORIDE. FLUORIDE lowers your IQ. Harvard study has shown .While additional research has associated it with weak bones, thyroid suppression, lowered metabolic function & dementia .


Glycerin is used in almost all toothpaste, because it helps create a pasty texture and prevents it from drying.

Glycerin can also coat the teeth in a way that prevents normal tooth remineralization.


SLS is a flaming agent & detergent that is commonly used in toothpaste, shampoo,& other products used to do things like, um, degrease car engines.

According to a study conducted by the Department of Oral Surgery & Oral Medicine in Oslo,Norway. Individuals who used a toothpaste containing SLS suffered from more ulcers ( canker soars) than those who used an SLS free toothpaste.( SOURCE)

TITANIUM DIOXIDE is used to make toothpaste look white. Titanium Dioxide is sometimes in its nano- particle form. ( SOURCE)

Our homemade toothpowder’s and its ingredients are based on your needs. If you want to focus on stains.Try our “ TOTAL MOUTH” TOOTHPOWDER. If you have very sensitive teeth . You might want to skip the organic aluminum free baking soda. Baking soda is a mild abrasive tooth polish that helps mechanically remove stains while other ingredients such as ; clay & activated charcoal draw them out. It also helps freshens breath.

RED REISHI uses Bentonite Clay in our “ GUM HEALING “ TOOTHPOWDER. Bentonite Clay is a gentle cleanser that is rich in minerals which support tooth remineralization. It’s detoxifying properties help freshen breath and fight gum disease, while it’s absorptive properties help remove stains from teeth.

SEA SALT contains 60 + trace minerals that aid in tooth remineralization. Salt is also highly antiseptic, which helps keep bacteria in check.

Feel free to browse through our RED REISHI products. Always, eat & stay HEALTHY!!

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