Why Red Reishi?

It is their many wonderful healing properties that motivated people to grant Red Reishis the the nick-name “The Mushrooms of Immortality”. Reishi mushrooms have been used by the Chinese for thousands of years to prevent and remedy many ailments including:

* Heart Disease

* Bronchitis

* Fatigue


* Stomach ulcers

* Kidney disease

* High cholesterol and blood pressure

* Lung conditions

* Liver disease

* Common allergies

* Boosting the immune system

* Cancer

* Trouble sleeping

* Stress

* Diabetes

We at Red Reishi have combined the wonderful qualities of this miraculous mushroom with the finest, most delicious, organic coffee and herbal teas, for a satisfying and body strengthening beverage to be enjoyed every day!

We have expanded our line of products at Red Reishi to bring you even more ways in which to experience the amazing healing and nourishing qualities of Red Reishi Mushrooms. We are very pleased to offer:

   *Gum rubbing coconut oil with Reishi tincture.

   *Two baking soda & Reishi cleansing tooth powders in Original Mint & Cinnamon

    *Two types of cuticle creams: Lemon, Reishi, honey butter and Reishi, honey butter with  gooseberry.

    *Red Reishi powdered flavored drink mixes.

    * Post, leave-in, conditioner.

    * Masala with Reishi powder spice. 

We hope that you will explore all of our wonderful Red Reishi products and fall in love with this “Musroom of Imortality”! 


Organic Red Reishi Café

Within the tropical rain forests of the Tegucigalpa Mayan Mountains one of the world’s greatest expressions of taste is grown as all-natural organic coffee. The Broadleaf forests combine their warm temperatures, high elevation and ample rain to create the perfect conditions for growing exceptional rich and delicious coffee beans. The fusion of Honduran Maya coffee with Reishi mushrooms and chicory requires a thoughtful balance between science, art and intuition to enhance health and vitality while simultaneously tantalizing your palette..

Red Reishi Café

  • Combined non-GMO, 100% Organic coffee beans with red reishi mushrooms and chicory to provide a feeling of well-being to any health enthusiast.
  • Available in Regular ground coffee with chicory and Reishi.

Red Reishi is the Grand Daddy of teas, a true and time-tested elixir of health. We at Red Reishi have combined herbal teas and the miraculous mushrooms, Red Reishi & Chaga, both rich in POLYPHENOLS, a compound found naturally in all plants that are high in antioxidant properties such as tea, wine, olive oil, vegetables & fruit. Polyphenols contain copious amounts of micro-nutrients that fight most degenerate disease.

 Each can of tea includes 2 reusable drawstring  cheesecloth pouches, 2 whole pieces of Reishi, & 2 whole pieces of Chaga Mushrooms to boil yourself. These may be used for the tea or coffee. They may also be added to your own recipes or preferred drinks. You will also find 12 red Reishi powder vegetarian capsules. Use one for every delicious cup. Just open the capsule of red Reishi powder into the cup and stir.

 Our nourishing blend of mushrooms and teas contain lemongrass, green tea, and Reishi mushroom blend, or, Reishi mushroom, matcha, and mixed berries blend, or Reishi & Chaga Mushrooms, Ginger, and Mixed Berries blend. These formulas are carefully created for optimal health, nutrition, and wellbeingwith every delicious sip.

 Red reishi’s refreshing bottled tea drinks will quench your thirst while strengthening your body. Our Boho Berry is Berry delicious. The Immuni-tea tea will give you a burst of vitality, and try our Sunny Day tea to feel  IMMORTAL!

We are proud of our organic,pure,and healthful Red Reish Tea blends. They are created with care and love, and we hope they will become a wonderful part of your life, as they are part of ours.

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Growing up in the city of New Orleans was by far the best aspect of my childhood. Being Creole, my family is blessed with inspiration from the French, Italian, African, Native American, Spanish, Cuban, and Irish cultures. I was exposed to the arts from the time I was in the womb, absorbing, listening, and enjoying all the rhythms of the 47 Creole dialects spoken, and of jazz, blues, zydeco, Latin, French, Italian opera, Gaelic Irish, and classical music as it passed through my Mama’s belly.

As a small child I was exposed to quite a variety of teas and coffees. When I was three years old, my French grand-mère gave me my first cup of café au lait, and later my Cuban grandma gave me a cup of café con leche. My mama had quite a way with healing and nutritious teas, which I was treated to regularly.

Mama worked abroad, so we were able to travel the world extensively when I was young. I was always extremely eager to learn of new coffees, herbs, and teas and her interest and vast knowledge of teas, herbs, mushrooms, and plants exponentially increased. Everyone loves her tea and coffee mixtures. For years I watch my Mama mix all sorts of remedies and delicious, soothing beverages. She used them on my grand-mère for her pancreatic cancer and on my grandpa for his heart and stomach. Now for the past 10 years, she has been using these mixtures on herself for lupus vasculitis/cerebritis.

At home, we drink teas and coffee daily and I have a high appreciation for the health value of these delicious elixirs made of mushrooms, herbs, plants, teas, delicate flowers or roasted beans. I feel strongly that we should share our knowledge and mixtures with the world. We hope you enjoy our coffees and teas. May it balance and enrich your life the way it has ours. For every cup you drink, laissez les bons temps rouler (let the good times roll)

! GOOD DRINKING (bien boire).

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Organic Whole Red Reishi


(Inonotus Obliquua) A fungus in Hymenochaetaceae family. Chaga is reported to be one of nature’s oldest documented and most revered herbs. Touted for centuries throughout Asia as ” The King of Herbs” and “A Gift from God,”. Undoubtedly there are many benefits to consuming Chaga, the most notable being that Chaga has shown to kill certain cancer cells without harming healthy cells.

Benifits include:

Antioxidant*, Reduces DNA Damage, Immune System Enhancement, Gastrointestinal Support* Helps support Optimal Cognitive Function, Helps maintain Helthy Blood Sugar Levels* Both a Jing and Shen Tonic Herb according to Chinese Medicine, Liver Protective*, Superoxide Dismutase (Contains 25 to 50 times SOD as other medicinal mushrooms) Lanosterols,Inositols, Inotodiol, Ergosterol, Betulin and Betulinic Acid, Triterpenes Polysaccharides including 29+ types of Beta Glucans (Supports Immune System) Many Minerals (High in Potassium, Rubidium, Cesium, Zinc, Germanium,Silicom and others. *Note that natural cesium is not radioactive and happens to be anti-cancerous and Very alkaline.*) Vitamins B2,B3,K and D2,Soluble and Insoluble Fibers,Melanin